Product that will Eventually Be Made: Getaway Drones

I went Googling for a picture of a drone to use in this article, and because it's 2015 I found this.

It totally destroys all the buildup I had in my original draft of this, but it is too awesome not to include.

So: right now we live in a country where weed is legal in some states, and drones are going to be used to deliver weed, because they're going to be used to deliver everything legal at some point. (It's not crazy — remember, the post office used to sort all letters by hand)

But there are a lot of states where weed is not legal, and a lot of other illegal substances that someone would rather not be caught with by the police. Hence: the getaway drone.

All it is is a quadcopter with a little storage space that Someone Who Isn't Me keeps their drugs in. At some trigger — the push of a button, a text message, or anything else that's hard to do on accident — the quadcopter flies away.

It doesn't need to go anywhere in particular. It doesn't need to find one destination so said Person Who Isn't Me can pick it up. It just needs to put as much space between it's home and where it crashes down so it's too annoying to find. If it's got a camera, it's not super hard to find a pond or a lake to ditch in. $300 worth of electronics for a bad quadcopter is worth not getting caught with contraband.

Of course, if I or any one else makes this, it's strictly for tobacco use only.

  • That's why we already have drone interceptors 😎

    You see where this 'cat and mouse' game is going? Drones evading capturing drones, ever faster, drones being shot out of the sky, CHAOS!

  • Jan

    or a slingshot

  • Loren Pechtel

    We've already seen this idea--some druggies stored their meth? in a rocket rigged to launch when the trunk of the car was opened. Rig it right and the ejection charge scatters the drugs, nobody could find them even if they fall in a parking lot.

  • Bud

    I remember reading an article where a gentleman achieved this same result using a $1.00 helium balloon.